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Managing Data Storage

flash drive: a data storage device
A flash drive is a popular data storage option.

In the past, we talked about different choices you can make regarding data storage, but now we’ll touch on what to do with that data to ensure you never lose it. For many of us, data storage management stops after saving something to the hard drive. It’s easier to save something and assume that it will be forever safe in our hard drives, but this is a dangerous practice to keep. It is much wiser to keep various safeguards to ensure you won’t lose any important data. Read more

Dust: A Silent PC Killer

a dust covered PC fan
A dust covered fan from a neglected PC.

Dust is all around us. It is in your car, your house, in the air outside; there is no escaping dust. Check under a piece of furniture that hasn’t been moved in a long time, there will be a thick layer of dust coating the floor. This same principal stands true for your computer; if left for too long, dust can completely coat the insides. Most people assume the insides of a computer will be fine because they are covered; as long as the PC works, there’s no need to open it up. Unfortunately, dust can still accumulate inside of a computer and while it may seem like there are no immediate problems, dust can do serious damage to a PC, if left unchecked. We’ll look at some negative effects of dust in a PC, and offer some tips to help maintain a clean and healthy PC.

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