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The Best Small Business Computer

How to find the best small business computerHow to find the best small business computer

If you run a small business, you know how important technology is to the success of your business. If a computer goes down, it can cause delays when you’re helping customers, or worse. That can cause major headaches, and it’s important to find the best small business computer. An affordable and dependable computer will give your business better value.

How do you find the best computer for your small business? What does a computer need to have to be the best for your business?

  • Reliability — The most important thing for a small business computer is the ability to run for years without hiccups or failures. A small business computer should use quality components and built for reliability.
  • No junk or bloatware — Even business computers from large brands come with tons of bloatware and junk a business doesn’t need or want. Trials of antivirus programs, games, and software you don’t need add up to a bloated Windows PC. The first thing an IT administrator does with a new computer is remove the bloatware. There’s a reason!
  • Security — Every business values a secure computer. Bloatware makes for a less secure computer, but it’s important to use good security practices as well. Lotus doesn’t install bloatware and our friendly experts can help your business with security tips for the most secure experience.
  • Value and low cost of ownership — Business owners always consider price when buying equipment. But they also consider value. It makes more sense to buy a quality product that costs a little more today, if it’s going to last longer and have less chances of failing than a cheaper product. This reduces overall cost of ownership, on top of reduced energy costs through efficient computer design.
  • 100% USA-based support — Ever called one of the large PC brands for tech support and talked to someone overseas? Talking to someone overseas for free is nice and all, but you need help you can understand. That’s why Lotus offers tech support and customer service based entirely in the United States. We know our product and speak your language, so you can expect the best small business computer support.

As you can see, a small business computer is more than just any computer. It has to offer business-grade reliability, have no junk pre-installed, offer better security, and be affordable in the long run. Lotus makes computers that offer all this, and covers its computers with friendly and knowledgeable USA-based customer service and tech support.


Lotus Astra is the best small business computerRecommended small business computers

Let’s be honest. Your best choice is not a computer from the large brands you’re used to. If you’re buying your business computer off the shelf at your local big box retailer, you’re probably not getting the best value or the right equipment. A business computer is specially made for business.

When looking for a computer for your small business, consider Lotus. We custom build computers specifically for business, and we offer a level of support you just won’t find anywhere else.


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