Lotus Computer USA » Lotus Launches an Intel Kaby Lake Laptop

Lotus Launches an Intel Kaby Lake Laptop

The Next-Generation Intel “Kaby Lake” Core i7

Intel recently released some of its Kaby Lake processors — officially known as 7th Generation Intel Core Processors — to computer manufacturers. More processors are yet to come for desktops or full power laptops like the popular Eclipse 650. For now, Lotus is proud to offer one new 7th gen CPU, and it’s available now.

Intel Core i7-7500U in the Lotus Solstice 540

Lotus Solstice 540 with Intel Kaby Lake Processor

Our Solstice 540 laptop is thin, light, and easy to travel with. It’s also amazingly responsive and fast thanks to the 7th gen “Kaby Lake” Core i7 processor in every new Solstice 540 laptop shipping now.
This new processor is faster than its predecessor, offering fast clock speeds of up to 3.5 GHz on its dual core design. It also features much better graphics performance thanks to the built-in Intel HD Graphics 620. This new processor allows the Solstice 540 to smoothly run 4K streaming videos and movies, as well as virtually any task for business and home. You can even do some light gaming thanks to the impressive improvements Intel has made with these new chips.

Better Battery Life with Kaby Lake

Kaby Lake processors integrated in the Solstice 540 are designed to offer the best possible battery life without sacrificing performance. These 7th generation Intel processors have a unique power saving design. This allows the chip to use very little power when running basic tasks like word processing or web browsing. But when you need full power, the Intel Core i7-7500U can deliver high clock speeds on multiple threads to handle more demanding tasks.

Get Kaby Lake Inside a New Lotus Computer

With Lotus, you don’t have to wait for the latest technology. We’re offering these fast, efficient, and truly amazing 7th Generation Intel Core processors right now in our Solstice 540 laptops. And soon, you can get them in every Intel-powered Lotus as they become available from Intel. Check out LotusComputerUSA.com to see the latest computers from Lotus.