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Computers with the best customer service

When choosing a computer, how do you shop? Do you go by the brand you already know, even if you know it’s not the best? Does the company that makes your computer offer great customer service? Chances are, your big-brand computer isn’t backed by the best customer service. But why? Do you consider computers with the best customer service?

We make the computers with the best customer serviceComputers with the best customer service. Is it important?

Customer service is something some computer shoppers care about, and others don’t. If you are a geek and don’t ever need to call tech support, your options are pretty open when it comes to choosing a computer. You might even build your own. What about people who aren’t tech-savvy? Well, you probably need a computer company with easy-to-understand customer service. There are many great computer brands out there, many of which offer good or even great customer service and tech support. Some have representatives based overseas who are very nice, but limited in how they can help. Other companies offer 100% USA-based support and easier to work with. But who offers the computers with the best customer service?

Who’s the best?

Some quick research will suggest Apple makes the computers with the best customer service. When you compare them to other large brands, there’s no doubt Apple’s USA-based tech support staff are professional and knowledgeable. Their customer service policies are consumer-friendly and their reps are very nice. It’s quite a difference from the bad service many people get from most of the other large PC brands. Long wait times, miscommunication, and difficult warranty service are frustrating to American consumers and businesses.

Small computer companies like Lotus are naturally better at customer service, because their staff is usually based in the United States, and their smaller customer base makes it easier to offer personalized support. Just calling a customer by name and greeting them with a smile is a great start. So when looking at a small computer company, many people are happy to have found Lotus Computer.

Computers with the best customer service based in the USALotus Computer has the friendliest customer service based in the USA.

To Lotus, offering the best customer service is extremely important. Many people are tired of the bad service they get from most large PC brands, and they’re happy to have discovered us. But how exactly does Lotus offer the best customer service? It starts with how we greet you. When you call us, a real person in Florida answers the phone right away and is ready to help you with any request, whether you have a pre-sales question, or if something’s wrong with your Lotus computer. We keep a personal touch, always knowing our customers by name and trying to get to know their preferences.

A lot of companies offer a similar level of service, but there’s a special magic when it comes to Lotus customer service. That’s why we’re “America’s friendly computer company“. So why isn’t Lotus ranked #1? We’re too small. Only the big companies get noticed in polls and the media. But forget that, just read the reviews from our customers, published on Google.

Before you decide who offers the computers with the best customer service, consider Lotus first. You’ll be impressed.