Based in Central Florida, Lotus has been manufacturing quality computers since 2007. As a family owned small computer company, we focus on personal attention, delivering the quality, service, and value America deserves.


A small computer company is better

Lotus specializes in Lotus-brand computers. Every Lotus is assembled with care using the best components from around the world and put together to the highest American standards. Each computer undergoes a thorough inspection in order to ensure our customers receive a flawless product every time.

As a small family-run business, we put a lot of pride and care into each computer and each customer. You simply cannot get better service or dedication to quality. Give us a try and see what a better computer experience is like.

Our customers love us

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The Lotus Story

I founded Lotus in 2007 out of my garage — you know, how many PC companies started out. When I was eighteen, having just graduated from high school, I wanted to start a business. I had already been designing websites for Orlando-area small businesses for a couple of years, but I wanted to do something bigger. So with about $200, I bought, built a website about custom desktop PCs, and registered Lotus Computer with the State of Florida. I always loved computers and knew how to build them. I also knew how much people hate the experience of buying and owning a major-brand PC. So I started Lotus to offer people something better.

Today I no longer work out of my garage in Baldwin Park. I no longer work alone. But we’re still a small computer company, and I like that. Our customers like that they can talk to me, and I enjoy talking to them. They like that we make a dependable, quality product. We put a lot of pride into what we do, whether it’s the computer itself, or the customer service we’ve become known for.

Lotus is my dream made into reality. It’s a business I love. I have the happiest customers in America. And I’ve been able to continuously deliver on the promise I made in 2007. While I plan to make Lotus grow and thrive even more, my promise of quality, service, and value will always remain core to The Lotus Difference.

Thanks for choosing us,

Karel Felipe
Founder & Owner

American Pride

Lotus is a proud American computer company, focused on quality and the best customer service that’s 100% based in the USA. When you look at what the rest of the industry is offering, you’ll see what a difference Lotus makes.

Built to Last

Our computers are built to last, with the best components and skilled craftsmanship. We focus on a premium feel and design on the outside, and durability on the inside with brand-name components. At our Florida facility, we focus on quality and craftsmanship.


Our computers contain no bloatware – those unwanted programs large brands install on their computers that bog down its performance. We only preinstall what you want us to preinstall. Need anything? Just ask!

Always Fast Computers

Every Lotus is made with the best components available. We use faster processors, more memory, and fast SSDs even on our more basic models. We don’t settle for low-end specs so your Lotus can keep up with any task you throw at it.

Five-Star Service

It seems rare to find customer service that truly cares. At Lotus, we do things the way you’d expect from a small computer company — with friendly, caring people based right here in Florida.

More for Your Money

We try to make your money go a long way. Combining our use of fast, top-quality components with the amazing support our customers love, we make every dollar count by giving you the very best value.

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Lotus Computer USA, LLC
658 Douglas Ave #1114
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

This is where the magic happens. When you call or email us, someone right here is on the other end. When your new Lotus is worked on, it happens right here. Here at our Florida offices, we do things by hand and with a spirit of service that’s uniquely American. On the surface, a Lotus computer is just a computer; but it becomes much more than that right here in Altamonte Springs.

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Do you have a general question? Need shopping advice? Have feedback? Just want to say hello? Email us! We usually reply back within an hour during normal business hours, and in 6-12 hours otherwise, even weekends and holidays.

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