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Best Custom PC Builder in the USA

A technician works on a Lotus custom PCLooking for a Custom PC builder? You’ve found the best.

Lotus Computer has been Orlando’s best custom PC builder since 2007. Our custom PC builders have been making some of America’s best computers for gaming and business and supporting them with friendly service. If you need a PC builder for your next computer project, let Lotus build a PC for you. Lotus makes custom PCs with the best brand-name components and great care. We support every Lotus with a no-hassle warranty for three years on desktops, and support is always based right here in Orlando. Contact us today!

407-951-8856 / concierge@lotuspc.net


Freshly built Lotus custom gaming PC desktopsCustom desktop PCs for gaming

Lotus builds custom desktop PCs designed to run the latest games with the best performance. We use high-end components made for performance and durability. We also test every custom gaming desktop PC for 24-48+ hours with an intense burn-in test to ensure every gaming PC we make is tough enough for high-end gaming.

Lotus Aurora is the perfect example of a high-end custom gaming PC we build. Its all-aluminum case has room for several hard drives and even supports multiple graphics cards for NVIDIA SLI technology. Aurora supports liquid cooling, SSDs, and plenty of RAM. You can order an Aurora customized for your needs, or let us build a fully-custom desktop PC for your exact needs.

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Lotus is also the best custom pc builder for laptopsBuilt-to-order gaming laptops

Like our desktops, our laptops are built for performance. Gaming laptops are generally slower than gaming desktops, but at Lotus, we give you the best possible performance for a gaming laptop. We use high-end specs in our gaming laptops, like the fastest Intel Core i7 processors and high-end NVIDIA graphics like the GeForce GTX 1070, the world’s fastest laptop graphics processor. Our gaming laptops look great, too! Gaming laptops from many brands use edgy design and gimmicky features that don’t add much to the gaming experience. We design our Lotus gaming laptops to look elegant while having useful features with a focus on speed. We don’t install bloatware or other software that slows down your gaming. The result? A fast experience right out of the box.

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America’s best custom PC builder is Lotus

We try hard to be the best custom PC builder in America. We’re proud of the work we do and offer our customers our very best in every PC build we make. Every custom PC we build comes with a great warranty backed by a solid company with over eight years in business. We never install bloatware and always have supported our customers from the USA. Our focus is on performance and giving customers what they want. We simply offer the best value in America. Give us a try!

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BAA-Compliant Computers

Your best choice for “Buy American” compliant computers

We meet Buy American Act (BAA) qualifications and have gained experience in working with government agencies, from federal to state and local levels, as well as non-profit organizations for the procurement of BAA-compliant computers.

Our customers include federal agencies, county and city governments, police departments, and non-profit organizations in several states. Many of our customers rely on us for grant-funded purchases of dependable, BAA-compliant computers.

We’re the best choice for BAA-compliant computers. Here’s why:

• Family owned and operated small business since 2007
• Experience in grant-funded, BAA-compliant orders and requirements
• Our computers are hand built and individually tested for long-term dependability
• Generous discounts offered on as few as two units, with bonus offers for loyalty
• Ideal alternative to Dell, HP, Lenovo for government and non-profits
• All Lotus computers are assembled in the USA; no exceptions!
• Easy customer service and tech support based exclusively in Florida
• Industry-leading customer satisfaction and brand loyalty
• Flexible partnership tailored to your organization
• Custom, build-to-order options to suit your needs
• We offer packages to meet BAA requirements with non-BAA items

Some of our notable customers include:
US Department of Justice, USDA, Citrus County Clerk of Courts, Texas Municipal Police Association, A Briggs Passport & Visa Expeditors, University of Central Missouri, several police departments nationwide, and many small businesses in every corner of America.

These organizations and companies are not simply buying new computers; they’re replacing old PCs from brands like Dell, HP and Lenovo. It’s for a reason.

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What businesses and government organizations have to say about our BAA-compliant computers

“Our experience with Lotus Computer USA hardware and services has been phenomenal, a First Class organization to say the least. The computers are beautiful, powerful, work-horses and have surpassed our expectations with performance and quality. The service, whether for questions, sales, or support, is always exceptional. The responses are prompt, knowledgeable, and it is enjoyable to speak with staff. There is a very personable feeling whenever you speak with someone. You’re not just a “client” but a friend. I would recommend Lotus Computer USA to everyone who is looking to purchase from a friendly, well-managed, domestic company.”— Citrus County Clerk of Courts, Inverness, FL

“When your program relies on using a laptop computer for 75% of their business, it is important to choose the best. We were under new guidelines where all computer equipment must be USA purchased or assembled. After much research we found the Lotus laptop. We purchased one as a test machine. We were astounded of how well it performed and with the tough use from employees it has stood up to all conditions. Using the laptop for presentations, it has exceeded our expectations. I am very impressed and will continue to purchase more in the near future.”— Ken Smith, Manager Law Enforcement Liaison Project, Austin, TX

“We purchased a server and an Eclipse 15 and have been quite pleased with both products. The server, a quad-core XEON monster, has proven itself quiet and reliable. The Eclipse is my main machine now. Lotus is small and customer focused enough to build to specifications; we’d requested a hardware-only option (no OS) with the 1080p screen. I’ve been running Ubuntu 12.10 without incident for four months. Linux is now mature enough to support all of the special features of these machines. Bumblebee unlocks the prodigious video capabilities, ergo “optirun google-earth”. On the hardware itself, I’m most impressed with the quality of the build. The keyboard quality and solidity rivals a Mac. The price is competitive with other makers for this tier of machine; however, with Lotus your dollars are supporting a small and growing American manufacturing company and discouraging corporate exploitation of slave-grade labor in laogai camps in China. Lotus is great choice for the discriminating casual, business, or game user who wants to encourage production of quality durable goods on American soil.”— Hedger Software, New York, NY

“The computers that we had been purchasing with standard configurations from major retailers literally couldn’t keep up to speed with our software and workload. The workstations from Lotus are not only way more reliable, but can be individually configured for each of our department’s needs. When we purchase a computer from Lotus I know that we are going to receive a dependable and high quality piece of equipment that will stand up to the chaotic environment found in the hotel business.”— MacArthur Place, Sonoma, CA

“Sitting on each of the desks in our office is an American made Lotus Computer. Over the 2+ years of ownership we have not experienced a single hardware problem nor an unkind word from any of their users. On the single occasion when an unprotected Lotus computer’s operating system software became corrupted during an electrical storm, you (personally) came to our rescue by emailing the drivers we needed along with extremely helpful guidance — all over the weekend no less! I am impressed with the speed and reliability of your product but it is the service extended by Lotus that has cemented our loyalty!”— Schrage Box, Bensalem, PA

“Karel was super helpful with all questions and stayed on top of our order status.
We will order from them again in the future.”— Cirle, Miami, FL

Choose Lotus today!

Contact Karel Felipe for more information

(407) 951-8856 or KAREL@LOTUSPC.NET

Custom Gaming PCs

A custom PC shop in Orlando that specializes in high-end custom gaming computers

Custom Gaming PC with Intel Core i7, GTX 1080, and full RGB lightingLotus is a small computer shop in Orlando that specializes in building high-end gaming PCs for Orlando. Customers in Orlando and the rest of America love our custom PCs, because we are experienced computer builders. Our custom PC systems are built by professionals with great attention to detail. We build custom gaming PCs for gamers with any budget. For high-end gaming rigs with NVIDIA GTX 1080 graphics and 8 core Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 processors, we have the experience and skill. We also build cheaper custom gaming PCs for budgets, with AMD CPU options and less expensive parts to give gamers of all kinds a chance to enjoy gaming performance without spending a lot of money.

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You pick the parts. We build your custom computer.

At Lotus, we have options for custom gaming PCs. You can pick the parts, such as at places like PCPartPicker.com and buy them on your own, then bring them to us in Orlando. Our professional computer builders will build your custom gaming PC. This gives you the chance to get exactly what you want, even if you don’t know how to build a computer.


Full service, including USA-based support

If you just want a fast gaming PC but don’t know any of the technical stuff, we can help! Our experienced computer builders have been building custom PCs since 2007 for all kinds of customers nationwide. We can do everything for you, from choosing the best specs for your budget, to building the computer and providing tech support.

When looking for the best custom gaming PCs, choose Lotus for your next custom PC build. Our computer shop in Orlando has been making quality computers since 2007. We’re highly rated and our customers love us! Don’t get your next custom PC from a big brand. Let Lotus build a custom PC made just for you. Gamers everywhere love our custom PC builds that are fast, reliable, and give them the best value.

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