Business PC & IT Solutions

We make reliable, quality computers for business, and we always support every Lotus computer with 100% USA-based support. When it comes to business PCs, nobody treats your business better than Lotus.

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Orlando Computer Repair

Lotus offers comprehensive PC repair services for all brands at our shop in Altamonte Springs. Choose Lotus for a quality job done right at fair prices, all in a comfortable and welcoming shop.

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Custom Gaming PCs

Lotus gaming laptops and desktops are designed from the ground up to offer gamers the best performance. We focus on pure performance with elegance and clean design, making us a better choice for gaming PCs.

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Fast computers with USA-based support and no bloatware

Office PCs. Workstations. Gaming desktops.

An American Computer Company

Based in Central Florida, Lotus has been custom building quality computers since 2007. As a family owned small business, we focus on personal attention and quality that come together to make the best computer experience in Orlando.

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Custom Gaming Desktops

Order a custom gaming desktop from Lotus. We build gaming PCs for our local customers in the Orlando-area and ship nationwide, too. We specialize in high-end gaming desktops, but have something for everyone from budget gaming PCs to custom PC solutions for offices. We’re the Orlando computer company you need.

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Freshly built Lotus custom gaming PC desktops

From Our Blog

New products, company news, and helpful tips from Lotus.

Managing Data Storage

March 16, 2017

In the past, we talked about different choices you can make regarding data storage, but now we’ll touch on what to do with that data to ensure you never lose it. For many of us, data … Read more

Dust: A Silent PC Killer

March 7, 2017

Dust is all around us. It is in your car, your house, in the air outside; there is no escaping dust. Check under a piece of furniture that hasn’t been moved in a long time, … Read more

SSD VS. HDD – How Are They Different and Which Do I Need?

February 20, 2017

If you’re looking into buying a computer, you’ve probably been looking into storage options and have found there are two types of drives to choose from: a solid state drive (SSD) or a hard drive (HDD). … Read more

Dangerous New Malware: Popcorn Time

December 13, 2016

Recently, MalwareHunter detected a new malware currently in development. All computer users are at risk. This malware is called Popcorn Time. Popcorn Time seeks to devastate users in three stages. First, it locks users out … Read more

Lotus Launches an Intel Kaby Lake Laptop

November 7, 2016

The Next-Generation Intel “Kaby Lake” Core i7 Intel recently released some of its Kaby Lake processors — officially known as 7th Generation Intel Core Processors — to computer manufacturers. More processors are yet to come … Read more

Windows 10 Tip: How to turn off suggested apps in the Start menu

May 22, 2016

What are Windows 10 Start menu ads? Windows 10 is nice. It looks beautiful, has great features that are useful, and it generally works quite well. But Windows 10 is also a platform for Microsoft … Read more

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